About Osteria Natalina

In Italy, a long and civilized dinner, punctuated with conversations, is the norm, as eating is very much a social exercise designed to allow people to meet, reaffirm connections with friends and family, and enjoy themselves. We hope our little restuarant can serve as that setting for you and your loved ones.

Osteria Natalina Vino E Cucina came to fruition after a long thought on how to bring back Italy, especially Rimini, to The Tampa Bay Area. Osteria Natalina is named after Spartaco’s (The Owner) mother who still resides in Rimini, Italy, with many visits to Tampa.

The Name Osteria is a term listed in Italy just below the term Trattoria, meaning a bit less fancy and more of a casual feel but still with great homemade food. If you were to list them it would go as such: Restaurant, Trattoria, Osteria, Locanda. From the most fancy and elegant to the least fancy and more casual of the eateries in Italy.

Now Natalina got her name due to the fact that she was born on Christmas Eve.. just a few years back. She was born in Rimini and her father was a fisherman. She married and had 5 children that all still live in Italy, except for Spartaco her second eldest son, who lives in Tampa. Natalina made pasta every day during Spartaco’s childhood and still today, she visits and makes her wonderful homemade pastas. The strozzapreti pasta, also known as the Priest Chocker is a special hometown favorite that is also found on our menu. The strozzapreti pasta is made with flour and water only, and takes on a spiral form holding onto any sauce that is paired with it. We have authentic pictures throughout the Restaurant of Mamma Natalina making pasta and bringing smiles to all.

Vino E Cucina: Simply means wines and kitchen in Italian.

As a picture on our wall states:

With Sincere Thanks:

I dedicate this restaurant to my Mother, Natalina, whose inspiration, support and love is felt here everyday ... all the way from Rimini. Per te Mamma.

I would personally like to thank my loyal customers and friends for the support and enthusiasm shown to me in the re-opening of “Osteria Natalina.” Grazie Mille.

Most importantly, to my wife, Dominique, who I will never be able to thank enough for her strength, support and commitment to our success. Un Mondo di Bene ...

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Interior picture Osteria Natalina